Sail levyt:

Sail of The Decade (Copyright Jami Rekola & Martti Sivonen, 2015)






Sail 98 (Copyright Jami Rekola & Martti Sivonen, 1998)





Sail 99 (Copyright Jami Rekola & Martti Sivonen, 1999)







 Sail 2k (Copyright Jami Rekola & Martti Sivonen, 2000)






Sail 2001 (Copyright Jami Rekola & Martti Sivonen, 2001)







Sail 2002 (Copyright Jami Rekola & Martti Sivonen, 2002)





Jamin Soololevyt:



The 9th (Copyright Jami Rekola, 2011)







Karhukirjeitä (Copyright Jami Rekola, 2010)







InThruMentalView (Copyright Jami Rekola, 2007, remastered 2013)






Sfifth Justice (Copyright Jami Rekola, 2003, remastered 2013)







Sixth Nonsense (Copyright Jami Rekola, 2004)







Fourth (Copyright Jami Rekola, 2001)







Third Off My Mind (Copyright Jami Rekola, 2000)







Seconds (Copyright Jami Rekola, 2000)








Well That’s a First One (Copyright Jami Rekola, 1999)






Rummut Jussi Hirvonen, koskettimet Jarmo Gunn, basso Janne Wickström, kitara Jami Rekola ja laulu Matias Scheinin. Tuotanto: Martti.

Pungent metal (Copyright Ösmiym, 2006)






Jarmo Gunn, laulut; Jami Rekola kitara/laulut; Harri Koski kitara; Janne Wickström, basso/laulut ja Jussi Hirvonen, rummut.


Kvasiorkor (Copyright marasmus 2002)







Reproduction and distribution of the music displayed above for commercial use without the permission of the copyright owners is prohibited. This music can be downloaded and redistributed for personal use, for other uses, please contact Jami Rekola.

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    WTF, the link for “Ösmiym”, possibly the best heavy metal song in history, is broken, Can you please fix it so I can enjoy my daily fix?

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